Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Silvermine?
The land on which the Village is situated, together with all its buildings, is owned by the ARP & P Noordhoek Development Trust; and leased to Silvermine Village Share Block Holding (Pty) Limited on a 99-year lease, with an option to renew.
What is a Shareblock scheme?

Silvermine Village is ‘owned’ by its shareholders.

The separate and exclusive rights of use and occupation of individual cottages are derived from blocks of shares in Silvermine Village Share Block Holding (Pty) Limited.  A purchaser acquiring the relevant share blocks obtains the exclusive use and occupation of a specific cottage and garage.

No transfer duty is payable, because shares, not immovable property, are being bought and sold.

What happens when a cottage is finally vacated?
On the death of a shareholder, or upon the shareholder leaving the village, the cottage and garage rights (i.e. share blocks) are resold to someone on the waiting list.

The shareholder or his/her estate receives a full refund of the amount which he/she paid for the share blocks plus the cost of any registered improvement costs.

What happens to any surplus generated from the re-sale of cottage rights?
Any surplus (profit) generated from the sale of cottage or garage share blocks constitute an exit levy which is used to offset the running costs and to subsidize general levies, to offset the running costs, and to help fund improvements made to the Village’s infrastructure and facilities.

These costs would otherwise be paid out of the monthly general levies collected from residents. One of the main objectives of Silvermine Village is to maintain its levies at affordable levels by subsidizing them from exit levies.

Who manages Silvermine Village?
● A Board of Directors made up of six persons elected by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting; and
● A General Manager, Tania Shamley, appointed by the Board who is responsible for day-to-day operations.
How do I get my name on the waiting list?
Complete the attached application form and submit it via the link. Alternatively, please complete and email the application to

A non-refundable deposit of R1000.00 is required. This is deducted from the purchase price upon purchase of a cottage.

We will contact you via email when a cottage becomes available.

What is meant by unique combination of rights?
Each shareholder is entitled to the exclusive use and occupation of the cottages and a garage and the immediate adjacent garden area. All residents have the use and enjoyment of the common gardens and communal areas and buildings. Each shareholder has a vote at general meetings of shareholders.
What items are included in monthly levies?
● Cottage Housekeeping services (depending on the cottage size)
● Laundry (12 kg per month)
● Courtesy bus service for regular trips
● 24-hour security
● General maintenance of common property
● Water, Sewerage and Electricity are metered and charged per cottage
● Insurance of buildings. Personal Insurance of contents remains the resident’s responsibility
● External Maintenance of cottage and communal buildings.
● Internal telephone service
Are levies and other charges reviewed on a regular basis?
Yes – on an annual basis by the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors
Are pets allowed?
Silvermine Village is pet friendly. A Pet Policy is in place and needs to be adhered to.

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