Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Silvermine?

The land on which the Village is situated, together with all its buildings, is owned by the ARP & P Noordhoek Development Trust and leased to a shareblock holding company on a 99-year lease, with an option to renew.

What is a Shareblock scheme?

Silvermine Village is ‘owned’ by its shareholders.

The separate and exclusive rights of use and occupation of individual cottages is linked to blocks of shares in Silvermine Village Share Block Holding (Pty) Limited.  A purchaser acquiring a block of ten shares gains title to the exclusive use and occupation of a specific cottage and garage, but not to their ownership because the property is never sold by the Trust. This means no transfer duty is payable and there are no outside shareholders.

What happens when a cottage is finally vacated?

On the death of a resident, or upon leaving the village after three month’s notice, the cottage rights (i.e. shares) are resold to someone on the waiting list.  The resident or his/her estate receives a refund of the interest-free loan, plus the cost of any approved improvements made, less the costs of repairing damage to the cottage unit or garage.

What happens to any surplus generated from the re-sale of cottage rights?

The net proceeds after refunding the interest-free loan are used to offset the running costs and to fund improvements made to the village’s infrastructure and facilities.  These costs would otherwise be paid out of the levies collected monthly from residents.  One of the main objectives of Silvermine is to maintain its levies at affordable levels through subsidising them where feasible.

Who manages Silvermine Village?

A board of six non-executive residents elected annually in general meeting through an executive General Manager who is responsible for day-to-day operations.

What is meant by a priority waiting list?

For those keen to ensure a place in Silvermine Village, a priority waiting list has been established.  Currently, a non-refundable fee of R1,000 is required from applicants who are then allotted a position on the waiting list.  When a cottage becomes available a letter will be posted or emailed advising details as to price, location etc.  Those interested will be considered strictly according to their order of their priority on the waiting list. 

Those who do not reply, or who are not interested in a particular cottage, do not lose their ranking on the waiting list.  Should the offer of a cottage be accepted, a discount equal to the R1,000 paid to enrol on the waiting list will be deducted from the price to be paid for the cottage.  Applicants may not be older than 80 at date of application.

What would happen if I wish to withdraw my name from the waiting list, or for any reason fail to obtain a cottage?

The current fee of R1,000 will only be refunded under the following conditions:
1)    A cottage is offered, but the party concerned is in no financial position to accept.
2)    When a cottage is offered but the health of the applicant and/or nominated occupant has deteriorated to the point where right of admission will not be granted.  The village reserves the right to call for a medical certificate or examination by an independent medical practitioner in such instances.

How many cottages and garages are there?

214 cottages and 214 garages.  Each cottage is allocated a garage for a single vehicle.  No caravans, motor homes or commercial vehicles may be garaged in the complex.


Azalea: 47m² Bed-sitter
Begonia: 69m²

1 bed

1 bath

Camellia: 75m²

2 bed

1 bath

Erica: 77m²

2 bed

2 bath

Dahlia: 110m²

2 bed

2 bath

Protea: 113m²

2 bed 

2 bath


(Click here to see floor plans)


What are the current prices of cottages?

These are determined by the Trust and prices are reviewed regularly. Currently (July 2017) prices vary from R1,710,000 (Azalea) to R3,577,000 (Protea)

    What is meant by unique combination of rights?

    The shareholder and nominated occupant would be entitled to the use and occupation of the cottages but, contractually, also has the enjoyment of the gardens, common areas and communal buildings, plus a vote at general meetings.

    Are there healthcare facilities?

    There is a 52-bed Health Care Centre (HCC) staffed by registered nurses on a 24-hour basis.  Permanent admission to HCC is at the sole and absolute discretion of the Trust and is not an unqualified right.  Application must be made to the Trust, be recommended by a medical practitioner and endorsed by the Nursing Manager.  The facility provides security and peace of mind to residents who become frail and/or unable to care for themselves safely in their cottages, or who require constant nursing.  HCC is neither a hospital nor a “step down” medical facility. As such it is not registered with medical aid schemes and residential charges, which are reviewed annually, are not refunded in most instances.

    Subject to space availability and the capability of providing the necessary medical care, residents may also use the facility for short-term post-operative recuperation.

    What facilities are available?

    The main Village Centre comprises lounges, a dining room and central kitchen providing meals at very reasonable prices for residents, functions room, library, bar, billiard room, a heated indoor pool, hairdressing salon and administration offices.  There is also a laundry and a coin-operated launderette.

    Is there a courtesy bus?

    For the convenience of residents, particularly those who no longer drive motor vehicles, a courtesy bus runs a regular route to central Fish Hoek (10km) and the nearby Longbeach Mall shopping complex in Sun Valley (4km).  The latter has good medical, dental and allied services as well as garages adjacent to it.  This service and timetable is reviewed on a regular basis and charges, currently, are covered by the monthly levy.  An indemnity form must be completed before boarding the vehicle for the first time.

    What items are included in monthly levies?
    1. .Electricity consumed in cottages are metered and charged separately.
      2. Servicing of cottages (i.e. basic cottage cleaning) any extra domestic services to be charged.
      3. Laundry of bed linen, including towels up to 12 kilograms per month.
      4. 8 obligatory meals per month for one-bedroom cottages and 16 obligatory meals per month for two-bedroom cottages.
      5. Courtesy bus service (currently no charge).
      6. 24-hour security guards at the village entrance, plus foot patrols and reinforced by electric boundary fencing and CCTV cameras
      7. General maintenance of grounds, but not of individual cottage gardens for which a separate charge is levied.
      8. Water, Sewerage and household waste removal are metered and charged per cottage.
      9. Insurance of buildings only.  Residents must cover contents of their cottage, personal effects and motor vehicles.
      10. Maintenance of cottage exteriors and communal buildings.

    If necessary, special levies may be charged from time to time, for example to fund any other item which may not have been budgeted

    Are levies and other charges reviewed on a regular basis?

    Prior to the commencement of each financial year (July) the Board of Trustees reviews all current prices and existing policies and presents a budget to residents.

    Are pets allowed?

    Small neutered pets are permitted, but there are certain restrictions per cottage and there is a pet-free zone around the main centre and its immediately adjacent buildings.  If you have more than one domestic pet prior to coming to live in Silvermine, you may bring two pets with you.  However, if one dies it may not be replaced.  If you have no domestic pets prior to coming reside you may subsequently acquire one. Dogs must be walked on a lead at all times and cats contained indoors at night.

    Are the cottages serviced?

    Cleaning staff move through the complex servicing cottage units on a roster system.  Household refuse is cleared once per week and newsprint, cardboard, glass and metal cans are recycled.

    Gardening services may be booked through the Estate Manager and are charged for at an hourly rate. 

    A small maintenance team is available to perform minor internal cottage maintenance and repairs at a nominal hourly rate, plus the cost of materials used.

    Advantages of living at Silvermine Village
    • Subsidised levies
    • We live in a Nature Reserve are with 215 units accommodating over 300 like-minder people of various age groups over 60 years.
    • The area of the property is 14.6 hectares which is considerably larger than most other retirement villages in the area. We therefore enjoy sizable spaces of common garden areas between one cottage and the next.
    • Within our boundaries we lucky to have a full-size bowling green, a half size croquet court and a heated indoor swimming pool which offers aquarobics classes
    • We have our own Chapel.
    • Our catering staff are renowned for the food that they prepare
    • Our Health Care Centre have 54 beds.
    • Assisted Living facility for 6 people
    • Silvermine Village has erected 2 solar power generating systems – first, in 2017, a 35 Kw system comprised of 138 panels, and then when this was so successful, a second more efficient 30Kw system comprising 85 bifacial panels, which harvest solar energy from both sides of the panels which are mounted on a reflective surface, enabling greater efficiency. The two systems have yielded at total of over 117,000 kw to date, saving the village more than R150,000 in electricity costs, which makes this the largest facility in the Southern Peninsula.
    • In 2018, with the threat of ‘Day Zero’, we installed 5 10,000l water tanks, with, if necessary, the capability of supplying water to individual cottages.
    • The property has 2 boreholes which feed 2 dams.
    • As cottages are renovated, they are fitted with a hot water solar panel
    • The Village has high security thereby saving on insurance
    • Residents can take advantage of transport to the local shopping centre which is only 4 kms away.